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Kayla Stone

Music Educator | Clarinet Instructor

B.M., Music Education 

Furman University

As a music educator, my teaching philosophy is to teach students by emphasizing the joys of music and its merit in the world today. I believe that the beauty of music speaks for itself, and it is integral to my style of teaching that each student falls in love with the music-making process. I teach them what to listen for -- the building blocks of music that make it impactful.

I have taught students ranging from beginner levels to the undergraduate level, and from elementary school to late adulthood. I have experience teaching as both a clarinet instructor and an ensemble conductor.

Student Testimonials

Michelle Do
Clarinet Instructor
Bass Clarinet Lessons, 7th-10th grade

Being able to learn from Kayla Stone is an experience that I will never forget. Her passion for music does not go unnoticed while she is teaching. In the time I have spent with Kayla, I have seen drastic improvements to my playing and my musical abilities. Her patience, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the subject makes learning from her feel effortless. Not only does Kayla teach the fundamentals of clarinet playing, but she inspires students to achieve their musical goals. I admire the fact that whenever I have a question, Kayla’s answers are always clearly articulated and informative.

Kayla’s willingness to give insight on her musical career has inspired me to explore my own. I have never doubted her support for me or any of her other students. Kayla Stone is a phenomenal teacher and I have grown to view her as a role model.

Katherine Sinck
Clarinet Instructor
Clarinet Lessons, 6th-7th grade

Kayla always provided me with a welcoming environment and made me excited about learning to play the clarinet! I was proud to see myself reaching goals we set together, and she was extremely helpful in helping me attain them. Even the parts of music-making that usually seem like a chore became fun and engaging, which inspired me to practice outside of lessons and continue improving. She is an amazing instrumentalist herself and being able to listen to her interpretations of music helped me improve not only my clarinet skills, but my overall musicality as well. Lessons with Kayla are a wonderful experience you don’t want to pass up!

Miles Jackson
Clarinet Instructor
Clarinet Lessons, 9th grade

Kayla created one of the best environments for my clarinet lessons that I have ever experienced. I always feel welcome and supported when I take lessons from her. Not only that, but she is really good at explaining her instructions as a teacher. I noticed myself becoming a more confident player when learning from Kayla. She has particularly helped me with my articulation and tone. Finally, learning from Kayla makes me more interested in practicing my instrument, which means I can get better faster than I was already. Kayla is a great clarinet teacher!

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